Stop writing release notes by hand

Automate the curation of your projects release notes and display them in a beautiful layout for your customers. Save your team the time and frustration of typing and formating project release notes.

Spend your time building features

Gathering release notes from every team and formating them takes time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere. Let us do the heavy lifting while you get back to what matters most, building new features.

Curate release notes from your project management tools

Simply fill out the release notes field in your project managments tool and we will automatically pull it in for the specified release.

Connect your project management tools

Follow our guided setup of your project managment tool. We will guide you through setting up the fields, connecting Released and importing the required information.

Release your software

Release your software. You worked hard and the world should see what you built. Release your software and when you are done let use help you tell the world about it.

Publish your release notes

Publish your release notes to their dedicated url. Hook up your favorite integrations to push them out directly to your customers.

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